I curate art worldwide for individuals, galleries, books, murals, organisations and museums.

I love art. I live art. I bring art to everyone - from boardrooms to books, office spaces to public places, mansions to museums, galleries to the great outdoors.

My 25 years’ experience as an art collector, and my background in graffiti and street-art, has given me a clear understanding of what piece ‘fits’ any location and the tools to implement that vision (plus the experience to recognise pieces that may become of historic significance in the future).

As an art curator (think of it as ‘a stylist for art’), I select and stage art in ways that create an interesting dynamic for any space.  I choose pieces that specifically fit the room, the client and the desired result.   Whatever the client requires - avant-garde, conservative, contemporary, traditional – I will deliver.

Below are some testimonials from clients, which help to illustrate what I do: 


"Jens-Peter has an ability to present art to people, that normally wouldn't spend time or money on art."

Jacob Bjørn / Galleri Jacob Bjørn


"Jens-Peter follows every task all the way to the end and drives awareness to the exhibition."

Anni Lave Nielsen / Heerup Museum

If you have any project where space, art and people should meet - we should meet.

Jens-Peter Brask
+45 40 86 86 86

Talk the talk, walk the walk

I believe that art should be democratised, open and available for all and that knowledge and passion should be shared.  It is for this reason that I enjoy the opportunity to give public (and private) talks about art, artists and exhibitions whenever I’m available to do so. It is ‘in the experience’ that art truly comes alive and, from my own perspective, whenever I see art, I feel it.  It works.



I've curated shows at Heerup Museum, Munkeruphus, Tom Christoffersen, The Hole, KUNSTEN Museum of Modern Art and more. Most recently in the streets of Copenhagen.


I've collected art since 1993 and my collection of art only contains one thing - art I can feel. That covers graffiti, neon, ceramics, photography, sculptures, paintings, lithos and more.


I curate and publish books about art and artists.