Jacob Bjørn / Galleri Jacob Bjørn:

Jens-Peter is one-of-a-kind. He has an unique view on art and he works fast and focused. In an industry where there can be far from thought to action, this is a major strength. There ain't much bullshit and waiting time. If he is on fire, he can put together an international group show in one day. This normally takes a lot longer for anyone else in the same position. 
"Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today". 

Jens-Peter has an ability to present art to people, that normally wouldn't spend time or money on art. He makes new people and new art meet. His unobtrusive and non-elite approach to art has given him many different types of followers; From the underground graffiti environment to international fine arts. 

I have only had good experiences working with Jens-Peter as a curator.

Anni Lave Nielsen / Heerup Museum:

It was his very immediate and honest enthusiasm for art, that made a special impression on me, when I first worked with Jens-Peter Brask. 

As an art historian and museum leader at the Heerup Museum, it's good to be reminded of the joy and curiosity that brings a special energy to working with art.

Jens-Peter builds his knowledge about art from where it is created; at the artist, in the workshop between brushes, paint and troublesome experiments. This is unique and deserves professional respect. With his Studio Visits Jens-Peter gives us a here-and-now view on art that complements the museal, interpretative and often retrospective approach. In addition to this Jens-Peter follows every task all the way to the end and continuously drives awareness to the exhibition. 

Jens-Peter contributed to the exhibition Linjen (2016) at Heerup Museum, which received very good exposure, good public figures and very positive feedback from visitors. The collaboration with Jens-Peter on the exhibition was characterised by mutual respect. Everyone felt appreciated and we recall the cooperation with joy.

Adam Aamann / Aamanns.dk

Jens-Peter has been a great help as a curator of Aamanns 1921.
He was quick to decode rooms, moods, my personal preferences and then to select and propose the right artworks for me.
Jens-Peter possesses empathy, overview and a sharp sense of "red thread", despite the fact that Jens-Peter curated several
and very different artists.

The art and pictures compliment the restaurant's design and decor in the most beautiful way and visa versa, it has succeeded to a degree so that the works create a new space and are not reduced to mere decorations.


Ida Schyum / Galleri Tom Christoffersen

Besides being a passionate art-lover Jens-Peter has a sharp eye for young artist' blooming potential. For Jens-Peter the role as a curator does not stop at the end of the exhibition. He follows the young artists in their further process with guidance and counseling. Brask is thorough in his work and it pays off.

Jens-Peter also has a different view on how artists can be put in relation to each other, and he's is therefore a fresh and welcome breath of air on the Danish art scene.  We don't necessarily always agree on the quality of some artworks. Jens-Peter is always open to discussing things, but he is hard to convince. 

Through many years of cooperation, we have seen at Galleri Tom Christoffersen that Jens-Peter's eye-catching exhibitions have attracted good publicity and many visitors. In addition to this, together with Jens-Peter, we have started long-term collaborations with artists, whom we could not have been without.

Jens-Peter stands out and with him, a deal is always a deal. 

Jacob Wulff Østergaard / papirhallen.com

Jens-Peter has helped me gain insight into a world that you can't read your way into, but have to be presented to in the right way. With Jens-Peter I have visited galleries, studios, exhibitions, fairs and seen lots of S-toge. Most of the places we visit are not open or accessible to the public, so you get an exclusive and true image of the art world at a level that you can not buy.

Jens-Peter undoubtedly has a passion and love for art as only the fewest. He lives and breathes for art, and that rubs off. He relies on art on an informative and objective level, but rarely speaks of anything at a subjective level, as he knows the value of his meaning. For an amateur like myself, you weight his opinion high, but you only get it if you ask for it - he wants you to make your own experiences and opinions. Jens-Peter has helped me find my own style and helped me create my own collection.

The result of our collaboration is that I have seen a lot of art today and have gained much more knowledge about art and artists. This sparks a desire and a need to see and learn much more.

In the process of building a collection, Jens-Peter has been invaluable. He has guided and supported me throughout the process, which has ensured that I have not made any purchases that I have subsequently regretted. Sometimes you get caught along and this can quickly result in a work that does not have the required depth and thus is not long-term durable.
Today I have a collection that I am proud of, a collection that gives me great pleasure in everyday life. I'd never had that if it had not been for Jens-Peter's guide.

Jens-Peter asked one day if I wanted to go to Århus and visit two exciting artists. The plan was to drive in the morning and be back in Copenhagen at evening time. With Jens-Peter's usual understated nature information was at a minimum, but I knew that it would be a good trip.

As we sailed home with the ferry at 18:00, we had visited two galleries, two studios, had a tour of Aros by the director and had lunch at Frederikshøj with Wassim (the restaurant is open only in the evening). That trip had it all and was planned with military precision. Where ever we came people was awaiting our visit, but the trip was relaxing and very nice despite the fact that every minute was planned.
We ended up also having a few good works with us home :)