I've collected art since 1993 and I continue to do so.
My collection only contains one thing - art I can feel.

I buy and collect art that tells me something. Art that makes me happy and gives me a kick.
I have everything from street art, graffiti, neon, pottery, photo and sculpture to painting, drawings and lithographs.

My collection has been shown in different contexts.
ARoS has borrowed a lot from the collection for various exhibitions including Michael Kvium, John Kørner, Søren Behncke and Julie Nord. ARKEN borrowed works for the exhibition Mad Love in 2007 and the Art of Underworks in 2012.
For the great exhibition of Danish Graffiti 1984-2013, The Brask Collection had borrowed many works.

A Brask Spark at Munkeruphus in 2014 showed works only from my collection and in September 2017 the exhibition The Brask Collection meets Willumsen opens at J.F. Willumsens Museum.

Please contact me if you want to hear more about my collection.